Corporate and social responsibilities play an important part in AL HAIL HOLDING’s overall business strategy. The company actively engages in socially conscious investments and programs by devoting real time and money to environmental sustainability programs, alternative energy and various social welfare initiatives to benefit employees, partners and the community at large. To this end, AL HAIL HOLDING has established Al Hosn Research & Studies Center.

Al Hosn Research Studies and Centre

Al Hosn Research & Studies Centre, a wholly owned subsidiary of Al Hail Holding, was established in 2009 to conduct studies and research on topics relevant to the history and heritage of Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general. The Centre’s first publication was “Abu Dhabi & Pearls … A Story with a History”. Abu Dhabi and Pearls is published in two volumes, covering topics such as the history of specific islands in the emirate, the Islamic Empire, European presence in the region, a modern history of Abu Dhabi, British presence in the emirate, social life in Abu Dhabi as well as details on folklore and cultural aspects.

2nd Floor, Office #103,
Sons of Jassim Darwish, Khalidiya Area,
Abu Dhabi, UAE
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